Introducing REPREVE® by Unifi: Enhanced Performance and Earth-Friendly, You Can Have It Both Ways

In the ever-changing global marketplace, Unifi Textiles (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (UTSC), a subsidiary of Unifi, Inc. (UFI: NYSE), aims to satisfy the growing demand for comfortable, functional and environmentally friendly apparel by combining performance features with REPREVE. REPREVE is a brand of fibers that is certified to contain recycled materials, including plastic water bottles. UTSC focuses on the idea that function and earth-friendly can be more beneficial together than on their own.

“Unifi is in a unique position, as one of the world’s leading producers of branded performance fibers and recycled fibers, to provide the market with the best of both worlds,” said Jay Hertwig, vice president of global brand sales, marketing and product development for Unifi. “With the ability to source globally from Unifi, customers can be confident in high-quality, innovative products no matter where they choose to do business.”

Unifi, which makes REPREVE, has recycled over 10 billion plastic bottles.

Unifi has a 45-year heritage driven by manufacturing innovation and creating differentiation for its customers. The Company continues to build on its success by expanding its offering of premium value-added yarns that provide functional benefits, added comfort and aesthetic advantages. Unifi spent more than three years developing REPREVE because quality and performance came first, with “made recycled” as the added benefit.

“Consumers can appreciate earth-friendly products made to perform, not just in the sense of high-performing products they can count on, but performance made better for the environment,” said Ed Wickes, president of UTSC. “Adding REPREVE to our branded technologies provides all of the functional benefits consumers expect in athleisure wear with the added advantage of recycled.”

UTSC offers branded technologies made recycled with REPREVE, including: SORBTEK® moisture management, REFLEXX® stretch, SOFTEC® high resiliency technology, REPREVE Staple Fiber for use in spun yarns, and COTTON-LIKE® with technology that provides a natural look and feel.

Taking cue from the ethical stand spearheaded by Unifi, Kova Sports is committed to take on REPREVE and incorporate ethical and sustainable fashion in its product line. Stay tuned for more.

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